To investigate the effect of the implementation of adaptation measures in increasing the resilience of a municipality to peri-urban fires, follow these 3 steps:
1. Select country and municipality at the top of the page and press "Go".
2. Select a cell on the map to indicate the area where you wish to make an intervention. Then you will see at the table below the map that the row corresponding to that cell is activated in order to be edited.
3. Go to that row of the table and fill the column labelled "FWI after the intervention". FWI after the intervention should be the mean value of the FWI during summer.
4. Press "✓" at the last column to recalculate the impact score.

Tip 1: Each cell of the map corresponds to a row of the table.
Tip 2: Slope, aspect and land use can be modified according to the user's data
Tip 3: To calculate the FWI, see here