The URBANPROOF toolkit is a powerful decision support system aimed to enable better informed decision making for climate change adaptation planning. In specific, the user is guided though the different features of the toolkit in order to gain insight into the climate change impacts to the urban environment, to explore and evaluate the available adaptation options and to investigate the effect of adaptation interventions in increasing climate change resilience.

The tool has been developed in the frame of the LIFE URBANPROOF project “Climate Proofing Urban Municipalities” which is co-financed by the LIFE programme for the Environment and Climate Action (2014-2020).

The tool currently may be used for conducting an impact and adaptation assessment for every urban municipality in Italy, Greece and Cyprus. Higher resolution data are provided in the cases of the municipalities of Reggio Emilia (Italy), Peristeri (Greece) and Strovolos and Lakatamia (Cyprus) which are partners of the LIFE URBANPROOF project.

The toolkit consists of 5 interdependent modules/stages which altogether comprise the adaptation process, as shown next:

Stage 1: Climate change information.

Climate Change

Explore through interactive charts, information on climatic projections based on the greenhouse concentration levels of two Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP 4.5, RCP 8.5).

* This function is available for the project municipalities (Lakatamia and Strovolos – Cyprus, Peristeri – Greece, Regio Emilia -Italy)

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Stage 2: Impact assessment

Vulnerability assessment

Εxplore the climate change impacts on the urban environment and gain insight into the individual parameters (physical, structural & socio-economic) contributing to the creation of these impacts.

The information is available for all urban municipalities of Cyprus, Greece and Italy, while for the project municipalities higher resolution information is provided.



Floods Heatwaves and health Peri-urban fires
Electricity demand for cooling Water availability and droughts Ozone Exceedance

Stage 3: Exploration and evaluation of adaptation options

Exploration and evaluation of adaptation options

Explore available adaptation measures and their evaluation scores against a set of criteria OR provide your own evaluation of the adaptation measures.

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Stage 4: Development of the adaptation strategy

Development of the adaptation strategy

Prioritization of adaptation measures based on the score they attained at Stage 3. The measures that gathered the highest scoring may be included in the local adaptation strategies of the municipalities.

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